About the Lab

Research in the Johnson Lab has the primary goal of protecting and sustaining our food supply. To that end, we strive to enhance poultry health through a better understanding of the microbiota of the bird, the biology of antimicrobial resistance, the efficacy of antimicrobial alternatives, and pathogen ecology. 

Our Research Mission

  • Understand the ways that antibiotic resistance spreads through human and animal populations.
  • Identify alternatives to antibiotics that can be used to enhance performance and reduce disease in agricultural animals.
  • Determine the microbial community structures of a healthy microbiome in production animals, and the primary on-farm drivers of microbiome modulation.

Our Outreach Mission

  • Provide rapid response capability to the poultry industry of Minnesota.
  • Develop the next line of novel tools for research and diagnostics in poultry.
  • Train the future workforce of scientists in rural Minnesota agriculture.